Star(less) Struck

Start Struck – George+Ginger

I honestly thought I couldn’t love this pattern any more than I already did… I was wrong. Oh, so wrong.

After watching the latest video on G+G’s YouTube channel I got obsessed with Kristi’s top and just had to give that version a go.

It’s a very simple modification to make and the result is an entirely different top from the ones I made previously.

It’s just a matter of adding some lace to the main strap and omitting the other ones. Simple as that! Kristi will be talking about that on YouTube next week, so keep an eye out. 😉

I used a 7″ wide stretch lace and removed about 1.5″ from one edge before applying it.

I love how romantic it looks!

I had originally planned to hack this one into a bodysuit but didn’t have enough fabric and had no patience to wait for a new order. I needed to make it asap, so it’s a top like the previous ones.

Do you have that as well? When a project gets in your mind and you have to make it immediately?

This pattern is a definite winner in my book!
Off to dig through my stash and cut another one…

STAR STRUCK – George+Ginger


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  1. deborah Ingelrelst says:

    De originele versie is niet onmiddellijk mijn stijl, iets te weinig verhullend (ik durf zoiets gewoon niet aan), maar deze aanpassing vind ik wel zéér geslaagd! Inderdaad helemaal anders, en veel ‘zachtaardiger’. Mooi!

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