Mix it up!

Mix it up – George+Ginger

This is a release of EPIC proportions!

Kristi has outdone herself this time around. One pattern with over 2200 style combinations!!!

The pattern options are:

  • Front Bodices: Yoke, Horseshoe, Leaf, Keyhole, and Asymmetric;
  • Back Bodices: Yoke, Square, Diamond, Keyhole, and Full back;
  • Sleeves: Sleeveless, Cap, Short, Elbow, 3/4, and long;
  • Skirts: Circle (peplum, mini, dress), half circle (peplum, mini, dress), handkerchief (peplum, mini, dress), hi-lo tunic (short and long) AND fitted skirt to add to peplum, hi-lo or stand alone .

And they can all be mixed and matched to your heart’s desire! How fantastic is that??

So far I’ve made 4 combos and am not even close to being done with this pattern. So many options, so little time!

Over the next days, I’ll be blogging about each dress individually because I love them and they each deserve their own space 😉

Meanwhile, I’m off to cut another one 😉

MIX IT UP DRESS – George+Ginger


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