Hack-a-Thon with WWD

Oh, just by the name you know this Blog Tour is a fun one!

When Suzanne mentioned the Hack-a-Thon theme, I decided it was the perfect motivation to tackle a project that has been on my mind since foreeeeeeever.

A coat dress!

I have this saved on Pinterest for so long but never had the guts to give it a go, I kept waiting for the perfect pattern to appear so I didn’t have to make all the mods myself. It was a mixture of laziness and “fear”! 🤣

Here it is:
Isn’t it gorgeous?

So, what pattern did I use as base?
The Provence Pea Coat

The pattern has a few options:
– 3 different lenghts: high hip, full hip and upper thigh;
– 3 different bands: back band, waist band or tie belt;
– Detachable fully lined hood.

So, after a little guidance from Suzanne, and a lot of paper taping, this is how my coat turned out:

Can you tell I’m thrilled with it?😍

Because life insists on getting in the way of my sewing plans I didn’t manage to take step by step photos of what I did, but it wasn’t a difficult adjustment at all.

What I did:

  • Choose size according to my bust measurement;
  • Added length for my height (2 inches);
  • Took in the waist to a size smaller because I wanted the fit a bit snugger than the original pattern. The inspiration is pretty tight fitting and it looks great, but it would not be comfortable or practical for my daily life;
  • Added length (20cm) to the upper thigh option and flared out the pieces starting at the waist. The only pieces I didn’t flare out was the Back Center pieces (I already have enough natural volume on the back side 🙈).

That was it.
After modifying the pattern pieces I followed the pattern instructions for the unlined coat, with a back band and without hood.

The reason for the lack of lining was in all honesty, time.
I’ll definitely line my next one!

The only thing I’ll adjust on my next one is add an extra inch to the waist length.

As for the fabric, I’m not sure what it is called in english, here it’s called softcoat. It has a great weight and a wool look and it’s nice and soft. I bought it at my favorite local shop.

Stof-inc.com – Softcoat mantelstof

I’m so in love with this coat that I’m actually happy that the weather is getting colder and colder!

Belt, no belt, fully closed, unbuttoned, collar up or down… love them all! <3

It was a bit tough to work with this amount of heavy fabric around the machine, but oh so worth the hassle in the end!!

I made the tie belt extra long because I like the “drama”, but what do you think? Should I trim it?

The PROVENCE PEA COAT was really the perfect choice for this hack!
I’m thrilled and can’t wait to make more, but first… a little rest! haha

So, I’ll go make myself a nice cup of tea and enjoy all the other stops of this blog tour and get inspired for the next project!

Jess of Jot Designs
Livia of Liviality
Patricia of Sew Far North

Oh, and make sure to check out the WWD FUN Facebook Group for a daily blog tour give away!


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ITS time to stitch with Itch to Stitch!

I’m so happy to be able to take part in Itch to Stitch’s Blog Tour this year!

The theme is ITS Time to Sew and we got to finally make an ITS pattern that we’ve been meaning to but never got around to it. Such a great idea!
This tour is packed with fun discounts and prizes, so make sure to check all the info at the end of this post! 😉

My first challenge for this blog tour was narrowing down my list of ITS things I want to make because all the patterns are gorgeous and I need all of them in my life. But unfortunately, kids need to be fed, laundry needs to be done and all the other “fun” adulting stuff, so I had to be realistic and choose only two.

My first choice had to be the Beausoleil Top.

It’s such a pretty and feminine pattern.
It’s made for wovens and has a zipper on the back for closure. One of the things I love about ITS patterns is that it comes with different cup sizes, so there’s no need for sba or fba’s. Fantastic, right? I’m all for less work! 😉

The Beausoleil features:

  • A, B, C, D and DD Cups
  • Dress and top options
  • “cold shoulder” short kimono sleeves with cuffs
  • Comfortable scoop neckline
  • Center-back lapped zipper
  • Easy-to-wear A-line skirt
  • Patch pocket with dress option

I chose to make the top because I’ll get more use out of it with fall around the corner.

I made size 12, b cup and added 2″ in length due to my height, in hindsight, it wasn’t really necessary but I actually like the extra fabric there giving a blousy effect to it. It’s cute if I belt it, but dummy me forgot to photograph it with the belt on…

I adore those sleeves!
The top is super comfortable, I used a viscose fabric and it was perfect for it. The pattern is easy to follow and I had no issues making the top, it’s a relatively fast sew.

Polka dots make me happy! 😀

My second choice was the La Paz Jacket, I’ve been dying to give it a go ever since I saw it, but to be honest, have been just a tad intimidated actually make it. This blog tour was just the push I needed to finally do it!

This is a knit pattern, which makes it oh so comfortable to wear while still looking smart and put together. LOVE!

The pattern features:

  • A, B, C, D and DD cups for a great fit
  • two-button front closure
  • Front and back princess seams for a slick look
  • Elegant yet sporty double-welt pockets with flaps
  • Unlined bodice with optional Hong Kong seam finish
  • Two-piece sleeves for great arm fit
  • Back stay for durability
  • Long sleeve with rounded corner vents and button closures
  • Back vent for wearing comfort

I did go a bit off track on this one and made some changes/hacks to it.
I wanted a sportier look that I could wear on a daily basis whenever I need to run some errands but don’t want to look like a hot mess. Something that I could wear with sneakers or pumps with, kwim?

My modifications were:

  • 3/4 sleeves without the button closure;
  • no pockets;
  • topstitched all around the jacket with an 1 1/2 inch seam allowance instead of using invisible stitching
  • no buttons or closures.

I must say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the results!
It’s exactly what I had in mind and I’m sure I’ll wear it all the time.

The fabric I used is a mystery knit I got a looong time ago. It feels like scuba on the inside and the like french terry on the right side. It’s a bit thick, has a nice stretch and recovery and its heaven to wear.

I made a size 12 and followed pattern instructions to widen at the hips to size 14.

I’m happy to say that my fears were not necessary. The jacket came together beautifully, pattern pieces and instructions are great, but I must say that it is a labor of love, lots of steps and ironing and clipping and pivoting (and I didn’t even make the welt pockets! haha), but it’s all worth it at the end! The end product is fantastic!!!

I love it with the collar down, but also with the collar up (it makes me feel cool! haha).


Because Kennis is awesome, these two patterns are on sale today:

You can snag the BEAUSOLEIL TOP & DRESS for $9 and the LA PAZ JACKET for $12!

Also, Mabel Madison is offering $10 off a $50 order with the code ITSTOUR through September 30th

So be sure to check the other blogs and see what ITS pattern they made and find more discounts along the way!

September 17th

September 18th
September 19th
September 20th 
September 21st

And last but not least:

Visit our sponsors and enter our Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win this unbelievable prize package:

Itch to Stitch: 2 PDF patterns of choice
Simply By Ti: Prize of $20 GC

So Sew English Fabrics: Prize of $30 GC
Mabel Madison Modern Makers: Prize of 3 yard coordinated bundle
Sly Fox Fabrics: $25GC
Raspberry Creek Fabrics: $50 GC
Surge Fabric Shop: $20 GC
Organic Cotton Plus: $25 GC
WarmCrochet: Pair of scissors

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Back 2 School with Winter Wear Designs

Back to school is always such a chaotic time here, and this year was especially so.

As most of you might know, my kids are twins. But my son skipped a grade at elementary school, so he’s one year ahead of his sister.
This year he started (junior?) high school (middelbareschoool) and preparations were a little different, not to mention the nerves! 😉

The first time that the kids go to different schools and have different schedules… it takes a bit of adjusting! 😀

Summer vacation was fun and busy, so I kept pushing my back to school sewing back till I looked at the calendar and freaked out! (One day I’ll learn!!!)

Why do these kids grow so much and so fast??
Both of my kids are in a size limbo, getting too big for children’s patterns and not big enough for most adult patterns. It’s kind of a hassle at the moment.


The Perfect Panel Tee!

This shirt is such a lifesaver!
It goes up to size 14 and is the perfect pattern to use all those panels I have in my stash that are not big enough for a whole shirt front. <3

You know I love a pattern with with lots of options, and this one doesn’t disappoint!

The options are:

  • Fit: European (slim fit) or regular fit with the wider front fold line;
  • Tee shirt fit for boys & girls OR A-line fit for girls;
  • Sleeves: short, knotted short, 3/4, and long;
  • Front panel with options for Plain, Shoulder yoke, Curved yoke, and Bottom band.

For this one I chose the following options:

  • regular fit
  • boy fit
  • short sleeves
  • shoulder yoke

Basically, I made option A from the line drawings but without the bottom band.

Look at that smile!
No need to say that he LOVES his new Tee, right?

One cool thing about this pattern is that it doesn’t side seams. The stitch line is brought to the front for best use of the panels. It has a different and interesting pattern shape and I love that!

For this next panel, the boy really wanted a plain shirt, without extra colors because “it’s cooler that way and I’m a big kid now”. But he did insist on having it made exactly the same way as the previous one! 😀

Same options, except that I omitted the shoulder yokes. So, option B with short sleeves. 😉

He also loves this one and is so happy that I finally got around to make this Last Jedi shirt.
Whether you go all out with different kinds of fabric and use all the options or keep it simple, this is a great fitting t-shirt and a fantastic pattern to work with.

I have another 2 Perfect Panel Tees cut, another one for Lucas and one for Samantha, that I fully intended sew for this post but sometimes life just insists on getting in the way…

They’re really on top of the list though, otherwise, I’ll have a riot here! Plus, the people at his new school will think Lucas only has 2 t-shirts because he insists on alternating them! 😂 So I better hurry, huh?

Here’s a snap of the happy boy going to his first day <3:


Winter Wear Designs also has some amazing Back to School Bundles that are really worth taking a look at. I’ll be definitely sewing some of those up in the next few days!

Back to School Bundle for BOYS

Back to School Bundle for GIRLS

Back to School Bundle for TEENS & WOMEN (also awesome for drop offs and pick ups!)

PERFECT PANEL TEE – Winter Wear Designs

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Friday 8/31
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Turning the Page: Sewing for the Changing Seasons

I don’t have a particular favorite season, I love all of them because they come just in time when I’m beginning to feel fed up with the current one 😂.

But if I had to pick favorites that would have to be Spring and Fall.
Spring is a bringer of beauty and joy. There’s nothing like seeing the first sprigs of green or the first colorful flowers show up after a cold and monochromatic winter.
And Fall is warm and cozy. After feeling sweaty and sticky for months, it’s fantastic to feel the first Autumn breezes and be able to wrap yourself up in yummy scarves, cardis, and sweaters!

Here in the Netherlands, we are gearing up for fall, but not quite there yet.
The weather is still nice, warm and pleasant. With that in mind, my first fall sew was a pattern that I was excited and skeptical about at the same time.


Why skeptical?
Well, maybe that’s not really the right word…
I was just very conflicted about this one because even though it looks amazing and super cool, it’s a silhouette that doesn’t really flatter my body shape. I love flowy and loose dresses and tops, but always end up looking like a circus tent in them 🙁

So in one hand, I was super attracted to the pattern and shape of it, I was keeping my distance. 😀

But Rebecca’s patterns are amazing and I just had to give it a go, and am SO glad I did!

I freaking LOVE this shirt!!!



I did go a little rogue with it and sized it down to have it be a bit less billowy and I didn’t adjust for my height (the pattern is drafted for 5’6″ and I’m 5’10”). The reason for not adjusting it for height was that I find that loose tops that hit me around the hip bone area make me look a lot wider and tops that end at the beginning of the hip curve are more flattering on me.

The fabric I used is peachskin, I find it a bit annoying to work with, but it was a perfect choice for this pattern.

I really enjoyed making this shirt, the process is simple, straightforward and as usual with all RP Patterns, the instructions are super detailed and full of options.

The Neve is super versatile, it can be made with knits or wovens and can be dressed up or dressed down. Not to mention the obvious, it’s oh-so-comfortable!
I love that it helps hide all those extra pounds that found their way into my body in the last few months! 😛

I was so happy to see that it paired perfectly with an all-year-round RP staple in my closet: The Pippa Pants.

Pippa is designed for knits and is my go-to for comfortable pants that don’t look like jammies. 🙂 My favorite style is full length, high waisted, flat waistband with the full-width leg. I still need to try the 3/4 length, it’s another one I’m on the fence on how it would look on me.

Because my Neve is a bit shorter than it’s intended to, I’ll probably mainly wear it with high waisted bottoms, that way if I need to lift my arms above my head the mommy tummy will be nicely contained and hidden lol.

Another fall staple in my closet is definitely the Kingston Jacket.

This one has already made an appearance here on the blog, but it really is one of my favorite and most used makes.

Paired with a denim knit Pippa and a white tee or tank and some sneakers, it’s the perfect outfit to run errands around town.
I’ve made 3 Kingstons, but this one with the jacket hoodie add-on is my favorite!

Summer vacation and life, in general, kept me from sewing but now I’m ready to start our fall wardrobes and the list is full of RP patterns, both my kids are demanding kingston hoodies, I need a Taylor Trench in my life, as well as more Pippas, another Neve in sweater knit, etc, etc, etc… 😀 What about you? What’s on your list?

I hope you enjoyed my stop on this amazing Blog Tour.

Please visit all the stops on the Turning the Page: Sewing for the Changing Seasons Blog Tour with Rebecca Page. Don’t forget to comment on the blogs each day and enter a Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win some fantastic prizes from our fabric sponsors!

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  5. August 24: Sweet Sprocket, Australian Sewing, Advice & Inspiration, The Sewing Unicorn
  6. August 25: LIVIALITY, Diskordia’s Curvy Sewing, Simply Kyra
  7. August 26: Seams So Lo, Middle River Studio, Jot Designs


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Poolside Blog Tour

Wow, last day of an amazing blog tour!
I know I feel super inspired by all these ladies, how about you?

Shorts weather has come to stay here. So, of course, I had to make me some Endless Summer Shorts. I’d been dying to make one since the release and WOW! Guys, this pattern is seriously fantastic!

I never had to make so little adjustments for a pair of shorts to fit me so well!
After I tried the first one on I immediately cut fabric for the second pair. This is definitely a must-have staple for the summer!

Endless Summer Shorts is drafted for woven fabrics and features:

  • Shorts with 2.5-inch inseam;
  • Front Pockets;
  • Elastic waist;
  • Optional pocket detail;
  • Optional Lace/trim hem;
  • Optional Cuffed Hem (adds 1 inch to the finished length);
  • Optional Drawstring detail;
  • Optional lining.

For my first pair, I chose this floral woven and I’m obssessed with how it turned out!

Pattern options I used were: pocket, pocket detail and cuffed hem.

I mentioned before that I had to make very little adjustment to the pattern to have a good fit, and I’m so happy and impressed with it! The few adjustments I had to make were:

  • Because these shorts are low rise, I didn’t need to grade it at the waist. I just cut it accordingly to my hip size and used the elastic length for my high hip measurement. That saved me sooooo much hassle!
  • I added 2″ inseam (there’s a shorten/lengthen line on the pattern) because I’m taller than what the pattern is drafted for;
  • I scooped the front crotch curve a bit (about 3/8″),  a standard adjustment for me.

That’s it, that all had needed! 😀

For the next pair I made, I used a dark denim.
I kept it a bit more clean and simple because I wanted a basic pair to be freer to mix and match to my heart’s desire! 😉

a simpler version, with pockets and  regular folded over hem

Same pattern adjustments as above. These are a bit shorter because the cuffed hem adds an inch to the length of the shorts.

It’s hard to say which one I like best. The floral is so pretty, but I love the versatility of the denim one!
Comfy, elastic waist denim shorts that doesn’t make my bum look big(ger). Am I dreaming?

Endless Summer Shorts are perfect to pair up with all the WWD tops and shirts I have in my closet. Fantastic!

Omega/Classic shell mash                                La Croix tank                                     Tidewater Tee

Two of these tops already made an appearance here on the blog: Omega+Classic Shell mash and La Croix Top.

The Tidewater Tee I made before I had the blog, so here’s a couple of more shots of it 😉

I made it a while ago, but it’s still a big favorite!!
(ignore the markings on my back… it’s one of the “perks” of dermographism :/)



That was it for me this time around!
So… what’s your favorite summer sew?


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Pull up a lounge chair and a cold drink, and don’t miss a single stop on the Poolside Blog Tour:

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Oh, and there’s a GRAND PRIZE!!
Click HERE to find out how to join!



G+G Summer Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on  Day 2 of the Festival Fever Blog Tour!

I’m so happy to be able to join this amazing group of ladies to celebrate the Summer, and Festival Season featuring  G+G amazing patterns.
Be sure to check the G+G blog and Facebook Group to not miss out on some awesome prizes 😉

I’m not much of a Music Festival goer anymore but do love the open-air events and festivals that happen here in town.

My ideal outfit to attend those would be something that makes me feel happy, free and comfortable.
A pattern that checks all those boxes is the With Love dress!  I love the one I’ve made a while ago and wear it a LOT.

A woven With Love has been on my to sew list since then but I just never got around to it, so this was the perfect opportunity!

As you can see, I made some mods to it.

  • Cut two fronts for a wider neckline and instead of using a neckband I serged the edges and folded over once, creating an off the shoulder look;
  • Cut the skirt with an A-line to make it a bit “flowier”(just traced a diagonal line starting at a couple of inches below the waistline from original pattern piece);
  • Made a slight high-low hem, because I’m obsessed with them 😉 ;
  • Added pockets (!), for this I used the pocket piece from the Riot Skirt.

That’s it.

I didn’t need to size up for being woven, but the fabric I used does have a bit of horizontal stretch to it. I’m not sure what the type of fabric is called… I bought it in Brazil and can’t remember it anymore (oops!).

Honestly speaking, this wasn’t my original plan, but I’m thrilled about the way it turned out! Even my 11yo son said: Wow, mom! That’s a pretty dress!<3

The original plan is still on top of my list, though (I just didn’t have enough yardage for it). The bodice will be the same as this one, but I want to make a half circle maxi skirt for it. What do you think? It looks amazing in my mind’s eye!

Next week my daughter will be dancing at an open-air event in town and this proud Momma will be wearing this dress for sure! 😉 And if I don’t manage to make the other dress in time, I’ll be rocking it to the Foodtruck Festival as well, because: elastic waistband! 😀 😛


So, what’s YOUR Festival vibe?


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Monday, June 18 
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Tuesday, June 19
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Liviality | Threads of Magic

Wednesday, June 20
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Thursday, June 21
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Friday, June 22
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So Today I Did a Thing

And special thanks to our tour sponsors!
Boho Fabrics | Sincerely Rylee | Wandering Willow Design | Aurora Designs

Romp On Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop in the Romp On Blog Tour by Winter Wear Designs!

Are you enjoying all the lovely creations so far?
I know that my to sew list keeps growing… these ladies just keep inspiring me!

It’s a good thing, then, that I crossed one item off this huge never ending list for this tour 😀

The Riviera Romper:


It turned out so cute and fun, I love it! Perfect for hot summer days!

I really like Rompers!
No struggle choosing an outfit, only one piece to wear,  it looks put together and I don’t have to worry about my top getting untucked or if my underwear is showing when I sit down (the struggle is real with a big booty!).

The Riviera Romper is designed for lightweight knits and wovens, and  comes with plenty of options to make all the rompers:

I choose to do the Tank Romper with Contrast strap and Shorts.

I made the top using a geometric CL and a stretch viscose for the shorts. It’s all SO comfortable!
The pattern instructs to size down if you’re between sizes and that’s what I did. I made the top a straight size L and the shorts I graded from size L to size XXL.

The shorts are a loose and flowy fit, which I really like.
Because the stretch viscose is pretty flowy and not too thick I omitted the pockets, since anything I put in them would weigh the shorts down. I also didn’t leave the little opening on the side seams.

These were the only mods I made.

How charming is this back detail?
Not only charming but super functional… without it, my booty would never go through the neckline! lol This is a wiggle free romper, btw… bathroom trips are no problem whatsoever (even if you’re in a hurry 😉 ).

I love me some geometric prints!

Both my fabrics come from Stof-inc.com, I’m so fortunate to have such a great brick and mortar store so close to home!

If you’re ready to get your Romp On, head to Winter Wear Designs and check out the amazing options!
And if you need an extra incentive… There’s a 20% off discount for every romper patterns (use code: ROMPON)!


And don’t forget to check out the other blogs on the tour for some amazing inspiration!!!


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Don’t miss any of the spectacular rompers
 on the Romp On Tour!!!
Liviality (you’re here)

New Pattern, New Obsession!

The Lollapalooza Top!!!

I could not be any more excited about a pattern! I’m totally, utterly and obsessively in LOVE with this brand new George + Ginger release!

I love the off shoulder look, how it’s flowy but flattering, that sleeve… oh that sleeve, I wanna marry it! lol

It’s so pretty!

This first top, I made as per pattern, only adding length to both the top and bottom parts (2″ each) because of my height.
The fabric is, I believe, a viscose. It’s so nice and soft to wear, but it does wrinkle like crazy… but that’s ok, my love for the top and the print outweighs my hatred for ironing! 😛

The Lollapalooza Top is pretty straightforward to make, the only part that might get a bit “tricky” is creating the elastic casing around the shoulders because of the curves. But if you take your time and give it some love and attention, it all works out great! 😉

For my second top, I used a lightweight cotton and it has a different drape to it. It’s a bit stiffer. Still love it though…
This one I left the bottom part a bit longer… But to be honest, I think I prefer the original length it’s supposed to have (I ought to know by now that Kristi knows her stuff! 😉 ), so I’ll be cutting the extra length off.

I made size 14 and graded it to size 18. For G+G patterns I usually grade to size 20 at the hips, but because it’s drafted to hit the hip bone, I went by that measurement.

What is also great about this top is that the shoulder elastic stays put! No need to keep readjusting it. Nothing more annoying than having to fuss with your outfit throughout the day, amirite?
I wore mine (the striped one)  on a day out/city trip with my kids and between carrying bags, (literally) running around, wrangling the kids, going on a boat ride and running some more, I didn’t have to adjust that shoulder elastic even once! FANTASTIC!

After making these tops I started to think how amazing it would be to have it as a dress as well, a long flowy dress.
Well… as I mentioned before, this top is pretty straightforward to make. That encouraged me to try and hack it! 😀

My initial idea was to just elongate the bottom part to maxi length, leaving a side split till about knee length so I could easily move around in it. I still love the idea, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that it might not be the best silhouette for my body shape. I was afraid that it might be too much fabric all around and it wouldn’t be too flattering on me.

Then it hit me!

The Bonnaroo Skirt!!!!
It has the same boho flowy vibe as the top and would be the the perfect match for it!

I went for the ruffled hi-lo option and, to me, it’s perfection! I’m so happy with this dress!!!!

Ok, so how did I go about it?
The Bonnaroo skirt is gathered at the waist, but I didn’t want the extra fabric on this one, so I trimmed the pattern pieces (back and front) down to the width of the original bottom part of the top. Because a chunk of it was removed I had to make a couple of adjustments:

  • redraw the hi-lo curve on the front panel (I used the original curve, just had to reshape it a bit)
  • lessen the number of ruffle pieces used on it, I used 2 1/2 out of the original 4.

That’s it.
I assembled the skirt and then attached it to the top following the instructions.

Oh, almost forgot to mention:
The length of the dress: I’m 5’10” and the patterns are drafted for 5’6″, I added 2″ to the top length but didn’t add any to the skirt because the Bonnaroo is pretty long and I wanted it a bit shorter. Just something to keep in mind if you want to make one and liked this length. 😉

If you’d like to see more photos of each piece, I’ll be adding them individually to the Portfolio area:

Lollapalooza Top – Striped Floral
Lollapalooza Top – White
Lollapalooza+Bonnaroo Dress

For the Patterns go to the George + Ginger website





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Getting Ready for Summer Blog Tour

Temperatures are rising, everything is green, the sun is faithfully showing up every day…
It’s time to start the Summertime sewing and this Ellie and Mac Blog Tour is the perfect way to kick it off!! 😀

The Tee Dress has been in my to-sew list for quite a while and no better time than the present, right?

This dress is such a great wardrobe staple!
With three sleeve options (short, 3/4 and long) it can be made and worn all year round.

For my first Tee Dress I decided to use a floral mesh that I bought a couple of months ago because it was pretty and pretty fabric must be bought, right?

I figure that a Tee Dress in mesh would work out great as a swimsuit cover-up, for those times I go to the pool or the beach just to lounge or hang out, without having any intention of actually getting in the water 😉  And I must say that after it was done and I tried it on, I did a happy dance singing: I’m a genius, I’m a genius! lol



The only modification I did was to cut two backs because I wanted it with a higher neckline. The dress is size XL, graded 2XL at the hips.

This mesh isn’t so “in your face” see through and I really like the effect it gives. Especially in the skirt portion where it’s looser and there’s more fabric, it’s a kind of “now you see it now you don’t” situation. 😉

I like this dress so much that I cannot limit it only to the few occasions that I actually wear a swimsuit. I considered making another Tee Dress to wear underneath it, but I wanted to keep some of the transparency and the light flow of it.

I don’t have a proper slip to wear underneath (note to self: make a slip) so I dug a never used I.have.no.idea.why.I.bought.it tube dress out of the closed and voila!  Perfect match!

Soooo happy with it!
This is proof to my husband that impulsive fabric shopping is a good thing! 😛

The dress is very beginner friendly, simple and fast to make. If you’re a beginner I wouldn’t suggest using a flimsy lightweight mesh for your first one though, it was a bit finicky to work with.

I’d say my  summertime sewing started off on the right foot! 🙂
What about you? What are you doing to get your wardrobe ready for summer?

WOMEN’S TEE DRESS – Ellie and Mac

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Women’s Mairin by SALS

Sew a Little Seam’s Mairin Swimsuit for Women is here and it’s AMAZING!

I mean… can we take a minute to admire in awe the photo below? Can you believe the amount of options this pattern has?
How fantastic is that?

Kelly always packs her patterns with options and this is no different.
We are talking wide straps, narrow straps, high neck, deep V, high scoop back, low back, bikini, one piece, ruffles… and everything in between!

You can literally make one swimsuit for each day of the summer and never repeat a combination!

I’ll start this off by answering 2 questions I had myself and that might be passing through your mind as well.

  1. I think a confident beginner can absolutely make this. The instructions are great with photos illustrating each step, and if you run into any difficulties just give a shout out for help in the SALS FB group 😉
  2. You don’t need a coverstitch to make this, it’s totally doable with only a sewing machine. A zigzag stitch or a twin needle will do just fine.


Here I go, facing all my fears and insecurities to share my Mairins with you! 😉

The first one I made was a one piece. The options I chose were:

  • wide straps
  • high neck
  • low scoop back with straps
  • mid cut leg

My measurements are all over the place, so I had to make some adjustments to achieve the perfect fit:

  • bust  and wais are size 16/18
  • hips are size 24, but because of the way my measurement is distributed I graded the front panel to size 22 and back panel to size 24
  • I had to lengthen the pattern because my trunk girth is 73″

I decided to position the straps only at the lower back for no particular reason aside from aesthetics. I really like the way it turned out and am super happy with the fit of it!

My second Mairin is a 2 piece suit with the options:

  • Crop top
  • narrow straps
  • mid v neck with flounce
  • mid back halter
  • high waist bottom
  • mid cut leg

I’m 5’10” and didn’t adjust for height, so if you’re shorter the distance between the crop top and the high waisted bottom might be smaller. As for grading I did the same thing as for the one piece suit.

Oh, something important to mention is that I used swim bra cups on both suits and added a shelf bra to the front of the one piece. Instructions for shelf bra are included in the pattern. If you feel intimidated by the idea of sewing the cups, there’s no need. This was my first time doing it and  I  had no issues with it. It’s actually pretty simple! 😉

This was really fun to make and I’m dying to make a third one, even though I hardly ever go swimming and 2 bathing suits is way more than I actually need.  lol

My plan is to make a couple of solid bottoms and a bunch of different tops to mix and match.

I highly recommend the Mairin if you’re planning on making your own swimsuits this summer. It’s truly great!
If you feel a bit overwhelmed with all the options and can’t decide which one to make, go to the Sew a Little Seam facebook group. There are photo albums there with tester photos to help out with the visual.

For more photos of each of my suits, check out the Portfolio section, I’ll be adding each one there separately.




*this post contains affiliate links