Doris Skirt Giveaway!!!

A fantastic and huge GIVEAWAY!
Today 40 testers part of the @misusupatterns Doris Skirt Social Tour are giving away 1 Doris skirt pattern EACH! That’s 40 patterns in total and 40 chances to win!

How awesome is that?

Giveaway rules:
1- Go to instagram;
2 – Follow @misusupatterns and @livia.jy;
3 – Leave a comment on the giveaway video post @livia.jy
I will select the winner of one Doris skirt pattern randomly from the comments on the Doris skirt video giveaway post only. If the winner already purchased the Doris pattern, a different pattern can be chosen as the prize.
For the whole list of testers participating in this giveaway, go to @misusupatterns and check out the giveaway post.

*This giveaway is open worldwide for contestant 18 years and up. Giveaway ends at 9.00 AM CEST on Monday, April 16th, and is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Instagram. By participating in this promotion you agree to a complete release of Instagram from any claims.



Doris Social Tour

The Doris Skirt was my very first Misusu make and let me tell you… it’s love!
The pattern is fantastic and working with Elles was such a joy, this lady really knows her stuff!!
This is day 6 of the social tour and you’re probably already familiar with Doris, but if not, let me introduce you:Doris is Pretty.
Doris is fantastic.
Doris is unique.
What sets it apart from other slim fit knit skirts? To me, it’s the diagonal side seam and that V-shaped waistband. What I also LOVE about this skirt is how easy it is to personalize it and make it uniquely yours.
– Pockets with or without bands;
– folded or banded hem;
– back yoke or not;
– you can add piping to the side diagonal seam for an extra flair;
– mix and match fabrics to your heart’s desire! (this is a great pattern to use up all the scraps, YAY!)
Unicorns and glitter rib knit! Can’t go wrong with Unicorns and glitter, right? 😉
This skirt is made with sweatshirt fabric and pocket is punta. Worked out like a dream and she loves it! The skirt is long enough to wear it as is, but on a regular daily life, she’ll probably pair it with leggings. 🙂
The stars fabric is French Terry, and it also works wonderfully for this pattern.  I used leftover scraps from a sweater I’ve made for myself, previously. Bonus points for that! 😀
Roses in quilted knit and black rib knit.
It’s hard to decide what skirt she loves best!
I’ve only made one “model” of the skirt because miss 11yo stuck to this one and didn’t want a different one… This girl, she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to let it be known what it is! 😀
This pattern is super fast to put together and I’d say it’s adventurous beginner friendly. The only thing that accounts for the adventurous part is the V-shaped waistband, so if you’ve done a V-neck shirt before, you’ll be absolutely ok! And if you haven’t yet, instructions are fantastic and you should just go for it, you’ll be fine! 🙂
If you want to give this cute skirt a go:

And because Elles is not only talented but also super generous, at the end of the Social Tour (april 15th) there is a HUGE SURPRISE!
While you wait for it, get inspired following the tour:
Saturday April 7th
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Be the Leader – Mommy&Me

I’ve already posted both tops individually in my Portfolio page, you can check them out HERE and HERE, but we love our matching tops so much and had so much fun taking Mommy & Me photos that it deserves its own post 😉

It makes my heart happy that she still enjoys matching outfits with her Mama, even though she’s already big enough to wear women’s sizes 😀

This is an unexpected bonus I’ve had since I started sewing and pattern testing… I’m building up quite an album of pictures of my kids and me. Taking the time to take nicer photos together wasn’t something that happened as often anymore, and now we found back the fun in doing it! 🙂

And talking about fun:

I love being silly with this girl! She’s awesome! <3

BE THE LEADER TOP – Ellie and Mac

Oh, before I go I’ll leave you with this little gem:



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Top it off Blog Tour

Hello and welcome to my stop of the Winter Wear Designs Blog Tour!

I’ve mentioned here in the site before that I LOVE patterns that allow me to use up every bit of scraps/remnants I have, I just love the feeling that I got all I can out of the fabric. 😀

Well, ladies and gentleman, La Croix takes this to a whole other level!
How? It’s reversible!
Not in a “you have to use double the fabric” kind of way, but in a “you can use the back as a front and vice versa” kind of way! How freaking cool is that??

Just fantastic! I mean, you get 2 shirts in one, and only use 1 shirt worth of fabric! WOOT!

In case you don’t want to have it reversible, the pattern comes with 2 sleeve patterns, one cut on the fold and one full sleeve. Suzanne really thought of everything!

As you can see, it’s an advanced beginner pattern but if you’re you an adventurous beginner I’d give this a go as well. It really looks more complicated than it actually is! 😉

For my La Croix, I choose to use a viscose knit (plain) and lycra (stripes). They both have a nice drape, which is perfect for this top.

I’m really enjoying the fun back style lately, probably because it’s a distraction from my big ol’ bubble butt! lol
I just can’t wait till I don’t need to wear a coat or a jacket anymore… Come on weather gods, cooperate with me!

The option I choose to make is, officially, a non-reversible option… but oh little rebel me, flipped it around anyways! lol

Notes on that:
– if you don’t like the feeling of things around your neck (like turtlenecks and chokers), don’t do this;
– it gets pretty low cut on the front (especially if you are a member of the itty bitty titty committee, like me), so in real life I’ll probably wear a cami or a bralette underneath it.

If any of those things are an issue for you, go for the regular reversible option! 😉

Basic looking top in the front:

And then…

Bam! Fun little surprise in the back!

Or choose to make an impact already on your way in:

I love both options! I figured I can use this top in chilly weather with the peekaboo on the front, pairing it with a cardi and when it’s warm out I can flip it and have the fun back that I like!

Now some awesome info:

  • La Croix is on sale for only $6 for the duration of the tour;
  • There’s a prize at the end! This tour is being sponsored by Simply by Ti Fabrics and you have a chance to win a $20 GC from her + 2 WWD patterns of your choice!

For more tips and inspirations, continue following the tour. The ladies did a fantastic job and you don’t want to miss it!

Top it Off! Blog tour stops:

Jessica of Jot Designs USA
Ilse of Sew Sew Ilse
Patricia of Sew Far North
Livia of Liviality (you’re here)
Mari of MNW Sews
Lisa Dawson guest posting at Winter Wear Designs
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Juliet, oh Juliet!

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!
For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”
(Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet)

I, like Romeo, am in love with Juliet.
But not with the Capulet maiden, I’m head over heels for Juliet the leotard pattern!:)
Petite Stitchery just released the Women’s Juliet and I couldn’t be happier!
My ‘growing-too-fast-for-my-liking ballerina daughter’ outgrew the kids size 12  so all I could do was drool over the gorgeous creations at Petite Stitchery & Co Fans and bawl that I couldn’t make one for her.
And now because Kelsey is amazing, I can! *happy dance time*
So, of course, I started out by making my daughter one. It’s a  straight size XS (removed 2″ of length) and it fits her perfectly! She wanted to have leg bands for modesty since it was a bit high cut on her due to the difference in body shape (kid vs woman).
After that, the selfish sewing spirit took over and I made one for myself, then another one and another one… And then, after that, I had to make a circle skirt to match all 3 Juliets. Did I mention that the Juliet comes with a Circle Skirt pattern? How fantastic is that? A full outfit in just one pattern!
First I started off with one to match hers, because Mommy&Me are FUN! 😀
My Juliet is size XL, with the front graded to XXL and the back graded to 1XL. I also needed to add 3,5″ to the length because I’m tall and have a long torso, so my trunk girth was literally off the chart! lol
The second Juliet I made is my favorite! I’ve been hoarding this scuba/neoprene since forever and I’m so glad I did!
I lined it with a thin white swim fabric and together they’re perfection! It’s so comfortable, it has my favorite sleeve length (3/4) and I’ll be able to rock it in spring because it’s a kind of mesh. Love love love it!
I paired it with the Circle Skirt included in the pattern, and together they’re the perfect pair! The pattern is for a fold over waistband but because I’m a tiny bit obssessed with high waists, I tried it on like that as well. I’m really happy with both ways, yay for versatility!
The third one is sleeveless and reversible. I used Scuba Crêpe for the red side and the flowers side is a mystery 4way stretch. I really love how colorful and cheerful it is! The only problem with it is that I accidentally cut the back against the grain and it’s snugger than the other ones. Won’t keep me from wearing it though! lol
To say I’m in love with this pattern is a huge understatement!
I’m in trouble… In my mind, I need at least 6 other combos! 😀
And while you’re there, check out their new patterns as well, the Emerson Top and Maya Top. They’re both on my to sew list!!!
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Bring on the Blouse! Winter Wear Designs Blog Tour

Bring on all the blouses!

In this tour, we are shining the spotlight two Winter Wear Design’s fantastic patterns:

Omega Top & Tunic, and Classic Shell for Women

What makes those patterns deserve all the attention?
Well, I’m glad you asked! 😉

To start with, the Classic Shell.

The Classic Shell is exactly that, a classic design perfect for any occasion.
Depending on the fabric you use you get a different type of blouse for all kinds of different occasions. But you already know that, if you’ve been following the tour. My fellow bloggers did such an amazing job with their Blouses that my to sew list grew a mile! 🙂

This pattern is super beginner friendly and a quick sew, but you’d never tell by looking at the fantastic results you get. I know some of us are a bit afraid of wovens (I was too!) and this is a great project to get over that fear.

The bust darts and the shaped side seams make the blouse super flattering to all body shapes and with 4 different types of sleeves and 2 lengths, this is pretty much all you need to fill your closet with a ton of different looking blouses. 😉  It’s a real wardrobe builder!

The cherry on top? It’s only $5!  How fantastic is that?

Ok Livia, you love the Classic Shell, we get it… So why do I need the Omega?


Because the Omega is just amazing and chock full of options! 😀

Being little frugal me, I just LOVE a pattern full of options and possibilities! The Omega fits the bill perfectly!
It’s such a charming model… !

This pattern has one really big problem though… It’s impossible to decide what options you’ll choose! Seriously… I look at the graphics and at the tester photos and love everything and just can’t decide. I mean, gathered, cap, flutter sleeves… how do you choose only one?
Only one solution, make all the blouses!!! ;P That’s my plan!

To help you with that, the Omega is on SALE through the duration of the blog tour (Feb 26th – Mar 2nd) with 20% off. That makes it $7,95 instead of $9,95!

For the tour, I decided to celebrate both patterns and mash them together, because… why not, right? 😀

My blouse is the Classic Shell top, with the bias finish neckline with the lovely shirttail hem from the Omega. If you have seen my stuff around you might have noticed that I’m a tiny bit obsessed with high low hems, so choosing that was a no-brainer!
For the fabric, I chose a light flowery cotton to help me send good vibes to the weather gods. I’m SO ready for spring!

I’m so happy with how it turned out, and the fit is just perfection!

The shirttail hem keeps the booty covered, which I love!

I kept the ties extra long to give it an extra charm 😉

I also love it tucked in!

I’m thrilled about this blouse and I’m thrilled about this next piece:

There is a PRIZE!!!!

1 Mystery Bundle of fabric from Boho Fabrics and 2 Pattern Bundles of Omega&Classic Shell (1 for the winner and 1 for a friend of their choosing)!
This prize is open to everyone!  Entries from outside the US will need to pay shipping for the fabric.


How amazing is that?
Thank you Suzanne and Boho Fabrics for the chance to win!

That’s if for me folks… I’ll let you move on ahead to the next stop and drool over all the amzaing creations of my fellow bloggers!
Thanks for stopping by!


Check out each stop on the tour:


Mommy & Us

When I joined the Runway & Ragtag Raglans testing team, I just knew I had to make a matching set for me and the kids.
I’ve had Mommy & Me pieces/shots with each of them separately, but not with both at the same time.  How fun is that?

The patterns are chockfull of options and are beginner friendly.

“The Boys Ragtag Raglan is a sporty color block raglan! This pattern offers short sleeves, color block sleeves and long sleeves. The Ragtag Raglan top is the perfect sporty fit! You can choose for the curved top or straight hem.”

“The Girls’ and the  Women’s Runway Raglan is a trendy color block raglan! This pattern offers short sleeves, a V shaped color block sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves. The Runway Raglan can be made as a straight hem top, curved top or dress. You can also add a fun front bodice detail!”

The kids patterns go from sizes 2t to 12 and the Women’s goes from XS – 3X.

I really had lots of fun making these! Choosing options and fabrics, trying to make them all unique, yet part of a set. Thank you, Ashley and the rest of the ladies at Petite Stitchery for having me! 🙂



Kristi from George+Ginger Patterns will be showing at NYFW this weekend, how amazing is that?

A bunch of group members is going to NY to meet up and support her. Oh, how I wish I could be going as well… what an amazing weekend these ladies are going to have!!!  Since I can’t, I decided to do a round up of my George+Ginger makes as a little sign of my support! 🙂

Kriti’s patterns always have a touch of originality and an out of the box sprinkle. I freakin’ love that!

Here are some of my G+G makes that I absolutely LOVE:

  1. Crop Top (pattern retired) + Heat Wave Hot Pants
  2. Rave Shirt + Riot Skirt
  3. Road Trip Bodysuit + Day Trip Skirt
  4. Sincerely Sawyer Sweater
  5. Sincerely Rylee Dress
  6. Posh Top
  7. Posh Top
  8. Sincerely Sawyer Sweater
  9. Mood Dress
  10. Traverse Tee
  11. RuLo Top
  12. Rebel Choker Tee
  13. Rebel Choker Tee
  14. Sincerely Rylee Dress
  15. Mood Dress
  16. Sincerely Rylee Dress
  17. Slash Tunic
  18. Road Trip Bodysuit

So thank you, Kristi, for keeping my wardrobe fresh and me feeling like a babe when wearing your clothes!
Take New York by storm and enjoy every second of it! You got this, girl!



Let the Adventure begin!

So, this is it! My first blog post.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for quite a while now, but always felt a bit intimidated and had no idea of where to begin.  Finally one day I decided to just go for it, choose a name, register it, create a WordPress account… and I did it!

That was 6 months ago! I know, I know… but better late than never and all that. I mean, it is acceptable for New Year Resolutions to start in February, right? 😀

Please bear with me while I figure this all out. I’m learning as I go, just like sewing. 😉 I’m the type of person who prefers to learn by doing instead of having the theory completely down first, and usually, that’s ok… it works for me. But with blogging the learning process becomes public and that makes it a little more daunting and possibly embarrassing! lol

Also, there’s the language thing… English isn’t my first language, I’m Brazilian and live in the Netherlands. If I make any mistakes, I apologize in advance! I always try not to butcher the language, but it might happen every now and then.

I guess that’s it for now… I’m off to click on publish and officially become a blog owner (haven’t earned the right to be called blogger yet! 🙂 )