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Tami Revolution Double Hoodie – New Horizons Designs

As I finished one more piece for my Fall wardrobe I had to wonder: what took me so long to make a Tami Double Hoodie?

I have no idea because it’s amazing!

The pattern has a ton of options:

As per New Horizons tradition, the fit of this pattern is amazing. I had zero problems or issues making it.

The options I chose to make were:

  • Double hood;
  • Zipper accent;
  • Thumbhole cuff;
  • Shorter body length;
  • No pockets.

I used the same knit I used for my Slash Tunic. I’m seriously in love with this fabric. I don’t know exactly what it is, on the website it says “Jersey Lurex Stripes”, but it’s like a scuba with a sweater knit look to it. Pretty awesome!

I’m pretty obsessed with all the details of this hoodie. Love the zipper accent and double hood. It’s a refreshing take of your regular sweatshirt style! Plus, the thumbhole cuff is the cherry on top! Perfect for cycling when it’s cold out.

My 12 yo son also loves the double hood and said this is the coolest hoodie he’s ever seen. Highest praise coming from a tween! I hereby put on my request to Terra to make one for kid/boys/men as well!



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